Book "Visual facilitation"

This book was born from a dream.

The dream that all people in the world can and dare to use drawing again as a tool for thinking and communicating. At the heart of the book is the technique of visual facilitation, which is the use of shapes, symbols, and keywords to create meaning. It is a technique that relies on our imagination and is based on simple drawing and writing. Visual facilitation is the key to deep thinking, reasoning, understanding and communicating.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s society is that technology does so much for us. It’s like we don’t have to think deeply or look into each other’s eyes anymore. In an increasingly digital and visual world, we are becoming apathetic consumers. We don’t have to remember so many things anymore; we don’t have to create anymore. But the human brain is designed for both thinking and creating – the brain needs to make an effort just as the body needs to exercise. We have to leave the screens and meet face to face, and be creative. 

This book also talks about being human. It explains why drawing and imagination are so important to us and how to use them to rediscover and nurture the courage and playfulness we have to live a meaningful life.

Having learned, practiced, researched and taught visual facilitation for more than a decade, I am increasingly convinced that this technique can help us solve many of today’s challenges in education, mental health and innovation. I believe that even if it fails to save the entire world, it will definitely save some people, companies and initiatives. With this book, I want to show you why I think so.


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